Easy Meeting

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Surviving is not the answer, make your perfect meeting! Organising without stress! The project was born from the need to make a short and focused meeting on line. Organising a meeting is sometimes difficult, especially when you are in different country with different problems of laguage, timezone, background, etc… and you have to keep higher […]

Case study: GeekMum

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I’ve used Design Thinking method and Human-centered design process to create this App connected to WhatsApp. This is an App to organise contacts in relation of privacy. You can manage contacts by different sounds to understand if you want to answer or not, organise list, etc…. My Persona is a modern Mum, with a special […]

Real Time Occupancy Rate

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This is the project for Make Zurich, a Civic Tech and LoRaWAN Hackathon for a better city. They were bringing together the local maker community and the city administration to explore new ways of solving problems of Zurich with the help of open networks and civic tech. I’ve partecipated as UX Designer and Brand Designer. […]

Escape from water

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Escape from water is an installation-event  that has a video-photographic approach. Water is the main theme, water becomes a key element to represent the tension between the conscious and the unconscious, the struggle of the unconscious to emerge, the creative process through which our most hidden side comes out. Here some images of the project. […]

“Dry water”, Art Exhibition at Bologna Water Design 2013

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Dry Water “Water as filaments, rivulets that flow, create and recompose themselves by getting into everything and giving life. The wax skin of a girl who unconsciously wasting precious element, and almost unaware of its importance that permeates both she and the environment that surrounds it, she dries up losing its youthful beauty.”

Brand Identity of Segreti delle Donne

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Guidelines for Brand CommunicationEssential guidelines to help you create communications in the Segreti delle Donne style. Beauty Center located in San Dona di Piave, offers a wide range of treatments forBeauty Care Well-being of the person.A welcoming environment where cordiality reigns, serenity and professionalism.In Logotipo “Secrets of Women” was used Lilac, union of red and […]

Backstage of meeting with Milo Manara Venice Comic Art Fest.

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Backstage of meeting with Milo Manara Venice Comic Art Fest. Milo Manara through Francesca Sanfilippo’s eyes. Milo Manara: Nuovi Sogni, personal expo at Venice Comic Art Fest. ———————– Backstage dell’incontro con Milo Manara al venice Comic Art Fest. Milo Manara attraverso gli occhi di Francesca Sanfilippo. Milo Manara: Nuovi Sogni, mostra personale al Venice Comic […]

Essenza Coreutica

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Essenza-Coreutica is an exposition-event. I create the concept, the set, find the artits. I draw a digital illustration, few paints and video. “Light, air, suspension, choral movement … essence … and on these four key words wheel-event exhibition. There are no rules about colors, sounds and everything else, just a common idea: to represent all […]