The sound of recycling

The Sound of Recycling is both an artifact and an installation created for the MakeZurich23 hackathon in order to collect elec

Box of Secrets

Box of secrets is a social #experiment and a temporary #installation. The project was born from the idea of a hidden personal

Color you need

We made a research about the effect of the stress on the body. The phisycal conditions are: temperature, heatbeat and sweep.St

Precious Leaves

Nature could create fascinating things. Imagine that we could merge together nature and technology with machine learning. Imag

Saturday Night Fever

Two classic objects were restyled, a JukeBox and a Television with the integration of modern technology. In the 60’s whe

FunMovefit platform

Plan your class and stay balance. FunMoveFit is a platform I have created as a proof of concept, I have create the brand guide


In September 2020 one of my proudest project was co-founding a work-life balance platform called Balancever. As the design lea

Chance for Equality

CHance Vote Equality is a crossmedia campaign, created to inform people about votation of 20th October in Switzerland. In this

Easy Meeting

Surviving is not the answer, make your perfect meeting! Organising without stress! The project was born from the need to make

Winner Contest Brand Identity La Fabbrica di Zurigo

Concept Logo studium Business card Flyer A collaboration with Annalisa Cosentino (Digital Twilight) to create the rebranding o

Real Time Occupancy Rate

This is the project for Make Zurich, a Civic Tech and LoRaWAN Hackathon for a better city. They were bringing together the loc

Playboy Night Out for A-Tono

A “non-place” in which boys and girls can freely express themselves on the theme of seduction, an online mini-site

Kia after sales, website Kia Motors for A-Tono

Website Aftersales – Kia Motors. Mobile version  

Mobile Ticketing for A-Tono Press Campain “Mobile tickting”. Mobile ticketing is the process whereby customers can

Kia Sportage for A-Tono

Mediastars, section Internet & Multimedia: Special Star in Concept Design to A-Tono for Kia Sportage GPL +

Kia Views for A-Tono A newsletter that is more than you usually have seen. A website where you can find more about Kia

Webdesign for KiaMotors

Prenatal Dem Prenatal Mini Website for Dealer Dem KiaFamily   MissKia 2015 Kia Reevo 2015   Kia & Sixt   &n

“Dry water”, Art Exhibition at Bologna Water Design 2013 Dry Water Dry Water is a stop motion video that I’ve created for the exhibition Bologna Water De


New website of Codemachine

Video Mengoni

video Mengoni Collaboration with Giuseppe La Spada for the making of the video: L’essenziale by Marco Mengoni. In partic

Brand Idenity of Codemachine

Logo design and Brand Manual Guidelines-Codemachine

Logo Design of Vireo

Guidelines for Brand CommunicationEssential guidelines to help you create communications in the Vireo style. Guidelines-Vireo

WWf advertising

Concept, Copywriting, Art Direction “Natura, armonia di varietà”

Respectful Boundaries

“Respectful Boundaries” was born as an idea and concept following the scandal that occurred in the context of advertising

Logo design Mix to Journey

Naming and Logo design of Mix to Journey. Mix to journey is a blog about cooking and travel. In Logotipo was used violet, uni


Crowdfree is a recommender system with a fabulous UI that can recommend great restaurants and cafes that are free from crowds,

Serpens Mercurii Album

Serpens Mercurii is a music album of the italian musician and singer Emanuele Maggioni. The concept of the album came up from