Respectful Boundaries

“Respectful Boundaries” was born as an idea and concept following the scandal that occurred in the context of advertising agencies in Italy, as in many other industries, where harassment at work is a reality.
In a world where lines can be blurred, it is crucial to address the importance of consent. “Respectful Boundaries” is not just an installation; it is a powerful statement aimed at raising awareness and causing change.

“Respectful Boundaries” is a thought-provoking physical installation designed to raise awareness and promote discussions about consent in harassment situations. The installation centers around a photo of a woman that becomes a dynamic representation of consent when viewers approach it. Through the use of color-changing technology and interactive elements, “Respectful Boundaries” engages the public in a powerful exploration of the importance of respecting personal boundaries.

“Respectful Boundaries” is not only an artistic and engaging installation but also a tool for social change. It challenges society to confront the issue of consent and harassment, driving us all to be more respectful of personal boundaries and more empathetic to the experiences of others.

This is my contribution to improve awareness about consent in harassment situations.

This installation was created with Nano RP2040,
Micropython, a LED Strip from Adafruit Industries, and Seeed Studio sensors