The sound of recycling

The Sound of Recycling is both an artifact and an installation created for the MakeZurich23 hackathon in order to collect electronic waste.

When an electronic waste is thrown away into the box, it will produce a sound, allowing the participants to enjoy a LED animation as a reward.

The concept, named “The sound of recycling”, encourages people to dispose of their electronic waste in an engaging and environmentally responsible way.

Micropython and digital fabrication

The overall project is not complex itself. What makes it so unique is either its conceptual and essential approach which is closer to the art scene and the experimental use of Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with MicroPython.

  • Hardware components
  • Arduino Nano RP2040
  • Adafruit Matrix 16×16
  • Big Sound Sensor
  • Breadboard
  • 2 External chargers
  • Wires

The whole hardware has been connected by wires. The two external chargers are necessary for the Matrix and for the Board.

The box was designed using Autodesk Fusion360 and made with Plexiglass.