About me

“I love to capture emotions and communicate in a discreet and subtle way.”

I’m Francesca Sanfilippo, and like to define myself as a Visual Artist. Let me clarify: I use “Visual” because I’m very passionate about all visual arts and during last years I used interact design to merge all senses, and I use “artist” because I love my work and I think that being an artist means being passionate in everything I do.
I wanted to create something beautiful, with more creativity and inspiration. I did many changes in order to achieve this, and I am not afraid to do more.

The love for illustration always inspired me in the graphic design world. I think that technologies make more opportunities for an illustration to be great, by taking the best of both digital and analog worlds. In my personal and professional projects I always explore the balance of the two, mixing them according to the audience and the feelings I want to transmit.

FS Lab is the new brand that I’ve created, it is a brand that includes projects ranging from installations to exhibitions, simple illustrations, videoclip, brand identity, design for App, web, etc. .. The first version was named “Hetepheres” and it was born in 2003. In 2013 the brand established his headquarters in Milan and in 2016 in Zurich.
Hetepheres.com was officially born in 2003, I mean “officially” as the year in which I had put on-line the first edition of the website. I have chosen this name because I was interested in Egyptian History, in particulary the Queen Hetepheres I. She was a wife of pharaoh Snefru (famous for the Bent Pyramid) and the mother of King Keope. I love his tastes in jewelery and in precious things. She was also connected with my old interests (exoterism, fantasy, symbols, stones/crystals, mythology, celtic culture).
When I started working in graphic design, this was my personal brand, I used it as a portfolio and blog, now every projects are placed in francescasanfilippo.it or fslab.ch

Dry Water is a stop motion video that I’ve created for the exhibition Bologna Water Design. The theme of water is constantly present in my life, because I think that we have to take care about it. We are made by water and we need it.

“Water as filaments, rivulets that flow, create and recompose themselves by getting into everything and giving life. The wax skin of a girl who unconsciously wasting precious element, and almost unaware of its importance that permeates both she and the environment that surrounds it, she dries up losing its youthful beauty.”

Concept and Sound: Beppe (B-wave) Asprella
Art direction, direction, illustration and Photography: Francesca Sanfilippo
Modella: Delilah
Team: Marco Foco, Fabio Braida, Samantha Mineman

Link: video

The most complete creative experience is the short tale that I wrote: Before C., After C., Mary. The story is an experimental work where photography, illustration, graphic and narrative intertwine. The text is accompanying the images and viceversa. It was paged with special attention given the cages and the position of text in relation to images. It is currently in the process of its interpretation in App for iPad, its transposition as a short film, which I will supervise as assistant director and art director.

Essenza Coreutica is an exposition-event. I create the concept, the set, find the artits. I draw a digital illustration, few paints and video.
“Light, air, suspension, choral movement … essence … and on these four key words wheel-event exhibition. There are no rules about colors, sounds and everything else, just a common idea: to represent all that is grace, movement, ethereal beauty, lightness. Play of light and contrast, hue complementary. Everything must be transmitted to the viewer infinite beauty, holding his breath, a continuous float, the wind, sounds and colors that blend, whites and blacks. Duality taken to extremes. Nothing should be gloomy, but a burst of energy, white light. Dance is the main theme in its most profound and dreamlike.” Video

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