StandUp for ScientiaMobile at MobileWorldCongress (Barcelona)

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I created a StandUp for ScientiaMobile, an important american Company. The StandUp explains in a graphic mood the keywords of company. Here the link of MobileWorldCongress About ScientiaMobile: ScientiaMobile is the company behind the popular WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource FiLe) Open-Source project. WURFL is a recognized de-facto standard in the area of DDR (Device Description […]

“Dry water”, Art Exhibition at Bologna Water Design 2013

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Dry Water “Water as filaments, rivulets that flow, create and recompose themselves by getting into everything and giving life. The wax skin of a girl who unconsciously wasting precious element, and almost unaware of its importance that permeates both she and the environment that surrounds it, she dries up losing its youthful beauty.”