“Dry water”, Art Exhibition at Bologna Water Design 2013


Dry Water

Dry Water is a stop motion video that I’ve created for the exhibition Bologna Water Design. The theme of water is constantly present in my life, because I think that we have to take care about it. We are made by water and we need it.

“Water as filaments, rivulets that flow, create and recompose themselves by getting into everything and giving life. The wax skin of a girl who unconsciously wasting precious element, and almost unaware of its importance that permeates both she and the environment that surrounds it, she dries up losing its youthful beauty.”

Concept, sound and movie making: Beppe (B-wave) Asprella
Art direction, direction, illustration and photography: Francesca Sanfilippo
Model: Delilah
Technics: Marco Foco, Fabio Braida, Samantha Mineman