Case study: GeekMum

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I’ve used Design Thinking method and Human-centered design process to create this App connected to WhatsApp. This is an App to organise contacts in relation of privacy. You can manage contacts by different sounds to understand if you want to answer or not, organise list, etc…. My Persona is a modern Mum, with a special […]

Real Time Occupancy Rate

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This is the project for Make Zurich, a Civic Tech and LoRaWAN Hackathon for a better city. They were bringing together the local maker community and the city administration to explore new ways of solving problems of Zurich with the help of open networks and civic tech. I’ve partecipated as UX Designer and Brand Designer. […]

Digital Illustrations

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Here there are some of my digital illustrations. I started many years ago, when technology for digital drawing was at the beginning. First illustration complitely made by Adobe Photoshop and Wacom Intuos Homepage of my old personal website The illustration for the website of the 3d artist Mauro Baldissera llustration to raise funds for […]