Saturday Night Fever

Two classic objects were restyled, a JukeBox and a Television with the integration of modern technology.

In the 60’s when you went to the bar you walked up to the JB and with a coin you chose a song. Today, with our objects you go to the JB, scan the NFC sensor and join the live music. You can even connect to the event from home via TV so you can interact via chat as if you were really at the bar.

Interface and Interaction Modality:

it was possible to realize the two objects physically developed through 3D printing, CNC and laser cutting.
In order to use the objects and make them interact with each other, an NFC sensor was configured which, once scanned by the phone, leads to a digital interface connected to YouTube. This sensor was then placed inside the JB. Where once the coin was inserted, now the phone is inserted to read the sensor, thus starting the musical event. The two projects coexist between them in fact it is possible to live the musical event not only through the sound given by the jukebox but also thanks to the visual interface of the television which is directly connected to the platform driven by the JB. The user through the television can actively participate in the event by interacting with the chat.

User Experience:
The user is guided by the product through all the different steps in a simple and understandable way.
All this thanks to the simple interface of the JB in which it has been inserted a single mobile button that allows you to select the menu item and moving it will allow the start of the live broadcast.
The TV has a rotating arm that allows the movement of the device in order to view the video from any perspective.
It is also possible to remove the front of the TV to manage the volume directly from the speaker.
As for the graphical interface, there is only one button that when clicked takes you directly to the video platform.

Research and Development Context:
In the future it is planned to create a proprietary platform with a simple design that brings back to the 60s. The user can select the playlist he wants and at the same time record musical events in real time. Everything can be viewed and shared on multiple devices and not just between jukeboxes and television.