Color you need

We made a research about the effect of the stress on the body. The phisycal conditions are: temperature, heatbeat and sweep.
Starting from that we have in mind a box that first of all DETECT the symptoms.

We tested 3 sensor: heartbeat sensor, IR sender receiver and temperature sensor.
When the box detect the symptoms, the led remind the colors, that should help the users to be more balance to be healthy.

Based on the result of the detection, we would like to improve the wellness of people, then people who measure the temperature will see a gradient of colors. For example the are studies that prove the effect of the blue and red on the people.

Interface and Interaction Modality
The project is composed of two sensors, a temperature sensor that detects the temperature of the user, and a touch sensor, that is used as a controller of the temperature sensor, when both are touched the interaction starts. So the user sees the box and reads on the screen “Color you need! Touch sensors”, the user touch both sensors and the led shows, based on a range of temperature, a specific gradient of colors, if the temperature is high the range will be in the area of blue, if the temperature is low the range is in the range of red, because the user should need a color to be balanced.
All the components are connected to Arduino Nano, which is programmed in Micro Python. The charge arrives from a power bank and activates all the electronics parts.

User Experience
The user experience is really intuitive: the user reads the text on the screen and understands immediately the actions that could be done. When he removes the fingers from both sensors, the situation restarts from the beginning.The project could be integrated on phones, watches or kiosks.

Research and Development Context
The potential developments could be in psychology sessions or wellness areas, and studies to improve human wellbeing.

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