Box of Secrets

Box of secrets is a social #experiment and a temporary #installation. The project was born from the idea of a hidden personal message. At the beginning we tried to understand digitally what happens when someone writes a personal thing. We would like to collect and create a heap of them with all the secrets. The #user speaks to a #microphone in a low voice and the grains fall like the secret words.

Interface and Interaction Modality
The project is composed of two #sensors, a sound sensor that detects the voice of the user, and a Small #Servo, that with a certain angle leaves the plastic grains. So the user sees the box and uses the microphone of the sound sensor, says in a low voice the secret, andthe grain falls on a heap. All the components are connected to #Arduino Nano, which is programmed in #MicroPython. The charge arrives from a power bank and activates all the electronics parts.

The user experience is customized to be a social experiment and an installation: the user doesn’t know how exactly it works. At the first time skeptical, then they realised that they could talk, firstly louder then in a low voice. The encoding of the message could not be decoded.

#Research and Development Context
The potential developments could be leaving the falling grains without any constraints,then the sound increases the atmosphere of the installation.