StandUp for ScientiaMobile at MobileWorldCongress (Barcelona)

I created a StandUp for ScientiaMobile, an important american Company. The StandUp explains in a graphic mood the keywords of company.
Here the link of MobileWorldCongress

About ScientiaMobile:
ScientiaMobile is the company behind the popular WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource FiLe) Open-Source project. WURFL is a recognized de-facto standard in the area of DDR (Device Description Repositories).
The WURFL project was started in 2002 with the objective of gathering mobile developers around a common effort of sharing device information and tackling the issues of device fragmentation together.
In 2011, ScientiaMobile was formed to bring WURFL to the next level by establishing relationships with device manufacturers, building better APIs and providing commercial support. To increase the reliability and accuracy of the mobile device data, ScientiaMobile has aligned itself with some of the highest-traffic sites on the web to crowdsource data directly from the consumers.
Currently, WURFL contains 9000+ unique devices and thousands of firmware variations, representing nearly every mobile device on the market worldwide. With its revolutionary device detection heuristics, the ScientiaMobile WURFL API is the most accurate, best maintained mobile device detection system on the market.
WURFL collects information that is relevant to the developer community for its day-to-day implementation of real projects. WURFL has been adopted (either “as is” or customized in ways which are not possible with commercial “black-box” software) by creators of mobile portals around the globe, as well as Internet heavyweights, such as FaceBook, Google and AdMob. Everyone, ranging from Mobile Network Operators to small companies, is enthusiastic with the power and the flexibility of the WURFL project and its supporting APIs.



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