Kia Views for A-Tono

A newsletter that is more than you usually have seen. A website where you can find more about Kia World.

Mediastars Award, section Internet & Multimedia: Special Star in Usability to A-Tono for Kia Views.

“Once upon a time there was a newsletter. Today, something has changed. More than a newsletter: an open platform with a vision. Share yours, listen and learn from the other’s.”

“Una volta la newsletter era solo un insieme di notizie che ricevevi in mail. Con KIA Views, KIA la trasforma in una piattaforma in continuo aggiornamento, aperta alla condivisione. Il logo racconta come con un piccolo cambiamento, le notizie acquistino una nuova prospettiva.
Il segno grafico che trasforma le news in Views, rappresenta proprio questo passaggio da statico a dinamico.”

“Once upon a time the newsletter was just a set of news that you received in your email.
With KIA Views, KIA transforms it into a constantly updated platform, opened to share.
The logo shows how with a small change, the news takes on a new perspective.
The graphic sign that transforms news into Views represents this passage from static to dynamic.”


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