Real Time Occupancy Rate

This is the project for Make Zurich, a Civic Tech and LoRaWAN Hackathon for a better city.

They were bringing together the local maker community and the city administration to explore new ways of solving problems of Zurich with the help of open networks and civic tech.

I’ve partecipated as UX Designer and Brand Designer.

The problem

  •  Angry customers due to
    crowded buses and trolleys.
  • Expensive and outdated
    technology for people count
  • Delay in data reception
    ( no real-time data)


About 4 approaches were discussed and on three decided:

  • Laser
    Laser barrier for counting people
  • Vision
    Face recognition for counting people
  • Bluetooth
    Counting the cellphones in a tram
  • Pressure
    Measuring the weight of people in a