During the EUvsVirus Hackathon, I have created the brand, the logo design, the look and feel of the platform and the art direction of the prototype, the user experience and realized the hi-fi prototype.



Refugees and the homeless have not enough opportunities for a new beginning, there is no resettlement. They need a new beginning with good conditions and enough guaranties to settle themselves inside a new community. And also lot of people is looking for a rural community to start a better life. Now, with the COVID-19, the situation of everyone is worse than ever before. It’s harder to find communities to welcome them. On the other hand, rural areas are being depopulated, they lose economic capacity, some services are not available, businesses are closing because of no continuity and talent migrates. Despite those have lots of possibilities. They wish to welcome settlers but those have small visibility.


A digital platform to congregate and showcase all the resources of rural communities for resettlers, so they can find a new beginning in their desired village by matching their skills and interests with the welcome community needs and description. The COVID can make grow the interest for rural areas, remote work is growing and it’s to stay. So, everyone can have an interest in the solution. By repopulating rural areas, we expect to decrease pollution because of mobility. It’s a not for profit business, half of the profits will go to repopulation and the other half to keep the service and to make it grow. There are several business models to consider as a proptech service, you also can pay to be repopulated or relocated.


It’s a community marketplace that works as a peer to peer platform, where people, academy, private sector, and governments will list the services available in each welcome community; homes, lands, farms, local entities, job opportunities, other available resources to help resettlers on their inclusion and data like history, demography, geography and interesting points. We will also consider where is possible to build and future job opportunities, there is a non-business heritage issue. So resettlers can find out what community is the most interesting for them according to their interests, preferences, skills and more, by matching it with the description, opportunities, and resources of the welcome communities.

Why Now

As a civic platform, we want to offer new opportunities to refugees and homeless, also to fight for asylum rights and war ending. We need to fight against depopulation, refugees-non-resettlement, and homelessness. There is an urgency to repopulate rural areas in the south and north of Europe, and almost in all the rural areas around the world. Lots of people and families need a fresh new start by offering them home, job opportunities, and a welcoming community. Every day more people get displaced around the world and lose their home and because of the COVID-19, the situation is getting worse and worst.

What we learned

That we can do it in several ways, every rural community has different resources to offer. Refugees started to discover these possibilities. And because of the coronavirus, the rural world is growing interest.

Try it out: Prototype

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