Case study: GeekMum

I’ve used Design Thinking method and Human-centered design process the wireframes of an App connected to WhatsApp.

This is an App to organise contacts in relation of privacy. You can manage contacts by different sounds to understand if you want to answer or not, organise list, etc…. My Persona is a modern Mum, with a special attention for privacy. The App imports the contacts directly from the address book.

I created a persona and a user journey map to achieve empathy with my users.
This is My Persona

And this is my journey map

SCAMPER method


  • Can I substitute WhatsApp with another equally common messenger?
    – No, because most of friends, family and clients use it
  • Can I substitute my contact list with my business only contacts?
    – No
  • Can I substitute the private nicknames of my colleagues with real names?
    – Yes


  • Can I combine the app with features of other apps like doodle or Google calendar? – Yes
  • Can I combine my business mail account with this work group? – Yes
  • Can I combine our slack channel for clients with the whatsapp group? – Yes


  • Can I adapt provided entrys to the calendar automatically? – Yes
  • Can users mute the group if they won’t take part this time? – Yes
  • Can Ipin important notes at the channel? – Yes


  • Can I split WhatsApp and divde between business and private? – Yes
  • Can I use a special sound for personal contacts – Absolutely yes
  • Can I modify the visual elements of the channel? – Yes
  • Can I make special adjustments for this group? (message read, been online, invisible mode..) – Yes

Put to another use

  • Can senior citizens use the app? – They should can
  • Can i Use it with my friends? – Obviously
  • Can I categorize messages? (like suggestions for locations)
    – Yes would be cool


  • Do I need video calling? – Yes
  • Do I need nicknames?- Yes
  • Can I split the app into different approaches?


  • Can I rearrange the layout? – Yes, I can

Then here there is the low fidelity Prototype of the App