Brand Identity of Segreti delle Donne

Guidelines for Brand Communication
Essential guidelines to help you create communications in the Segreti delle Donne style.

Beauty Center located in San Dona di Piave, offers a wide range of treatments for
Beauty Care Well-being of the person.
A welcoming environment where cordiality reigns, serenity and professionalism.
In Logotipo “Secrets of Women” was used Lilac, union of red and blue, passion and receptivity, of masculine and feminine, the stretch purple melts and spiritualized these two instances intense and opposite.
Loved by teenagers, the people still in search of themselves, the intuitive, the aesthetes who appreciate refined choices. At the base of choice purple lighter, tending to purple, there is instead an attempt to balance, integration and harmony, the balance between rationality and intuition and the ability to perceive beyond the space of the mental.
The key:
Symbol of fidelity, open the box of desires, helps to preserve something precious.

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